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Claire B.

Sound Healing, Kundalini Yoga

"I had first met Tracy when I attended one of her Intro to kundalini workshops. It was the first time I had ever practiced this style of yoga. Beforehand I was very timid and fearful of this type of practice although very curious as to what the results were for the students. During the workshop I learned SO MUCH! And Tracy taught it in a way that processed through my brain at a slow and steady pace where it didn’t feel overwhelming or scary. Then when we started to move it was playful and fun! But also challenging and stimulating. From this workshop, I appreciated and felt inspired by Tracy’s teaching strategies and skills.


She also made me feel extremely comfortable within the room and myself. After this, I had found her hosting a workshop literally the next weekend and immediately signed up! This workshop consisted of sound healing bowls and reiki. I also attended another sound bowl workshop recently with Tracy but both were different experiences yet very beneficial to what I needed at the time. The first sound healing workshop was sound healing & reiki. It was also the first time I had experienced the sound bowls. The vibrations from the individual bowls that worked through each chakra resonated with me on another level unlike any other tool I have used for a meditative practice. It completely stilled my mind. And I mean completely. I could feel the vibrations go through my physical and spiritual being. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better... she placed one of the bowls on my chest where I truly felt the vibrations course through my blood and bones as she played it ever so gracefully. I also feel that I had experienced this workshop at a critical time in my life where it felt deeply healing and brought new perspective afterwards. Which made me hungry for more!


My second experience of sound bowls was with Tracy at the Salt Cave. Once again my mind became still and even though I had distracting thoughts arise... I was able to let them go and come back to the stillness and find complete relaxation. Tracy has a soothing and nurturing tone as she explains thoroughly each tuned bowl for the chakras and their purpose. This approach helped give a better understanding of my own personal experience; emotional and physical. I can’t wait to attend more of Tracy’s workshop and continue this beautiful journey of yoga/meditation/sound healing!! :)"


Karen S.

Sound Healing, Kundalini Yoga

"I have been to 3 sound healings. 2 crystal bowls and 1 himalyan bowls. I found the more you go the more you experience a clearer mind and a meditative state. I loved it!"



Laraine M.

Sound Healing

"The crystal sound healing bowl meditations are amazing. I always feel energetic and positive when they are finished and for quite awhile afterwards!  I have taken 3 crystal bowl meditation classes. I will continue taking these wonderful classes."



​Joanna C.

Sound Healing, Kundalini Yoga

"I loved the kundalini and singing bowl class at the salt cave last week. Tracy is such a friendly and experienced teacher, she guided us through the class explaining all the techniques we would be using. The crystal singing bowls were beautiful and were the perfect addition to the class. The sense of peace and restoration of balance to my mind and body I felt afterwards was amazing and I can’t wait to have another class."


Yelena Z.

Sound Healing, Kundalini Yoga

“It starts with me looking forward to it, and I am never disappointed. It’s relaxing and enlightening, always good introduction and afterwards conversation. I do feel healed and relaxed after those sessions, also privileged to be able to be there and experience.”


“I attended kundalini yoga workshop, and it changed my view on this type of yoga. Instead of hating it like before, I want to do more of it.”



Roxanne C.

Sound Healing

“Wonderful experience!”



Casey M.

Private Yoga


"​I had been curious about yoga for a while now but had hesitations about how limiting my arthritis might be.  My experience with Tracy could not have been more positive. When I arrived for my first session we discussed my concerns and she asked questions about what my long term goals were.  My session was focused on creating an individualized program and teaching moves that I could apply to my every day and use in the morning to loosen my joints as well as build on in the future.


Tracy tailored everything around my needs.  She created a program to best fit my skill level and abilities.  She was focused on my form and in tune with how I was feeling throughout the hour.  While trying some poses I felt pressure in my knees and Tracy knew before I even had to say anything and found an alternative for me to try.  I left feeling the best I have felt in a long time- my lower back is so grateful I tried yoga. I will definitely be seeing Tracy again."


Christine H.

Private Yoga


​"I have never done yoga before and was actually scared to try because I didn't feel like I had great balance since I hurt my ankle.  I am so glad that I gave it a try with Tracy. She encouraged me to keep my shoulders relaxed while doing the warrior stance and to be conscious on keeping them relaxed throughout the day.  I never realized how tense I was. Tracy demonstrated stretches and poses that worked for me. I could actually feel an openness in my back. I have never been to any class where the teacher asked me questions and guided me to do moves that I could do.  I was so relaxed afterwards. My back and body felt looser and I felt relaxed for the first time in a long time. I really enjoyed doing yoga and can't wait for my next session with Tracy."


Cathy F.

Private Yoga, Kundalini


​"​I’ve taken lessons from Tracy for over a year and she is always expanding my awareness of yoga and meditation and the energy they give me.   Her sessions are a wonderful balance of a relaxed class with an intentional focus. She gives clear instructions and demonstration of the exercise, pose or mantra with suggested adjustments as needed. Besides concise instructing, Tracy knows just when to encourage me during the more challenging moments of the lesson.Tracy provides a warm, inviting atmosphere to learn and expand my skills as well as creating an experience of genuine peace that stays with me long after the session is over."


Marci B.

Private Yoga, Sound Healing


​"​I really enjoy working with Tracy! She is very knowledgeable and really tailors our sessions to my needs.  Her expertise with the Tibetian Singing Bowls is very unique and she is working on introducing me to sound healing, which could be beneficial for me as I have issues with my ears.  She takes the time to get to know you and impressed me with her follow-up. In between sessions, she will send me links to information that I may find interesting or items that are entirely new to me.  If you are looking for a great yoga experience with a professional person who can add different dimensions to your practice, I highly suggest Tracy.


Linda S.

Sound Healing, Restorative Yoga


​"I have always been both aware and fascinated of the energy we have within us and its connection with the energy that surrounds us.  


How do I harness it, strengthen it, align it, and make it work for me.......

                                                    THEN I MET TRACY HART.


Within seconds of walking into my first time ever class of The Singing Bowl Workshop...feeling like...I'm not sure about this....

Tracy immediately knew and softly said, "I will take you through step by step".


What an incredible experience.  I felt myself relax and was aware of each part of my body become charged with a positive energy.  


The sound of the bowls, the peaceful and comfortable setting, her directions......


You feel your inner core connect....build, and align, from your toes to the top of your head.   The amazing part was that the next day I felt even better.


I am very excited about my new path I decided to take...my gift to my well-being that I am giving to me as I enter 2018.

TRACY, thank you for opening the door.  I can not wait to join you again."


Deana C.

Sound Healing with Crystal and Himalayan Singing Bowls

"Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls & Sound Healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls are AMAZING Classes by Tracy! Totally Relaxing, I love them! I look forward to going to these classes."


Maricar P.

Sound Healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls

Gentle Yoga

"Singing bowls: What a great experience, it was my first time doing something like this and it was wonderful, I felt great after and noticed even a small change in how I react to things. Tracy is very patient , excellent healer.

Gentle Yoga:  Tracy is very patient , felt no pressure to do the exact pose, she made me feel comfortable. I look forward to take more classes with her."


Melanie M.

Kundalini Yoga


​"​I started taking yoga classes back in September 2016 at local yoga studio.  Upon looking at the monthly scheduled I noticed a very unusual class offered called "Kundalini Yoga".  So I asked the young lady at the desk, "What is a Kundalini Yoga Class?" I had never heard of this before.  She answered "Breath Work, with some chanted Mantras, and postures some meditation too"....I thought, "sounds interesting" might as well go check it out.  I am so glad I did!


Tracy Hart was instructing the class. I explained I had never tried Kundalini before, she warmly explained that this is a style of yoga that is for everyone.

She explained we would be breathing and doing gentle postures which are part of what is called the Kriyas.  Each posture help to enhance our well being and learning to breathe properly makes all the difference.


As Tracy instructed, she explained about each and every posture and what benefits they had for overall health and healing and any modifications

just in case someone could not do the pose.  This I have come to learn is how she teaches every class.   She wants everyone to benefit from the practice of Kundalini.    


When I left class that first night feeling so vibrant and healthy - something I had not felt in a long time; I realized immediately this was the missing link in my practices.  Since that first class I have not stopped, in fact I have found myself just doing 5 minutes in the morning before work. This has helped me handle work stress much more effectively and boosted my overall well being.


Most people need to learn to find Peace and Balance in their lives no matter what form of exercise is their choice of activity.  Kundalini Yoga, is the link that makes the Mind, Body, & Spirit connection so that all other activities are even

more fulfilling.   


"Sat Nam" which is a Favorite Kundalini yoga saying means "Truth is my Identity"

Truth is once you start taking classes you will realize this is the link to true Peace!

I hope to see you in one of Tracy's classes soon.

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Not intended as medical advice; consult your physician before any exercise or sound healing program/session.  Some events may use essential oils (various brands).  Please check with your doctor if essential oils are appropriate for you.  Some oils are not recommended for pregnant women or for some health conditions.

Tracy Hart, Cranford, NJ

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