Why we must consciously practice compassion in this time of fear
  • Tracy Hart

Why we must consciously practice compassion in this time of fear

Have you noticed more negativity online? I’ve seen more comments and posts that seem critical, angry, judgemental - even more than the usual! I’m really getting concerned that this negative way of judging others will become a way of life for some after this virus is in the past.

I know for myself, when I’m out walking around my streets now and I see someone, I think DANGER. Seeing a person coming towards me walking down the stress starts my sympathetic nervous system going right into fight, flight, freeze and releases all the brain chemicals associated with stress. And that’s just from seeing someone, down the block, and knowing I can safely cross the street, but I still have this stress response. When I think about the fact that I’m a yoga teacher and a reiki master and sound healer and how much of my practice is about touching people and being a direct conduit to energy, it concerns me that my visceral reaction to seeing a person walking a block away is - this is potentially dangerous situation and I need to ready my body and mind for reacting to danger.

Are you feeling this? Let me know in what ways in the comments… This can definitely become a conditioned response that carries with us long after this virus is a memory and we are back to our lives. Deep reactions and responses like this can get embedded into the mind and body and if we don’t work to recognize and release them, we may get stuck in these patterns of negativity going forward without even noticing. That’s where tonight’s mediation comes in - it’s about recognizing our negative thought patterns, our fears, and working with sending out positive light and love. It’s about sending out compassion and empathy and love to those around us who are suffering with this virus, with loss, and with everyday stress associated with these changes.

And, maybe most importantly, it’s about showing compassion to ourselves. We can be our hardest critic and we need to spend time monitoring with kindness the patterns of our minds and negative talk and replacing it with a practice of compassion for ourselves. We are all doing our best in different ways and letting go of judgement of ourselves and others will leave us in a more positive state mentally and physically and I do believe that it sends that energy out into the world and we need all the help that we can get right now.

DISTANCE REIKI REQUESTS In the interest of spreading and sharing love and compassion and healing I will be doing distance reiki tonight during our meditation. Please comment with any requests for reiki healing for yourself or others and let’s come together to send out this love and light tonight! How join: like and follow @mindfulLifeOnDemand. The live meditation will play on my business page Mindful Life ON Demand and you may get a notification that I’m live. If not, scroll to the post on that page that the live video is playing in. See you tonight! (i’m also going to go live on instagram if that works for you - @mindfulLifeondemand

And to offer all this positive energy to those who need it, this session is free, but donations are so appreciated if you can. Donations can be made at https://www.paypal.me/mindfullifeondemand. And thank you to those who have already donated - you are keeping me going financially and mentally here. :) #mindfullifeondemand #tracyhartmeditation #distancereiki #reiki#lovingkindnessmeditation #compassionmeditation #selfcompassion #selfcare#Mindfullifeondemandvirtual #virtualmeditation #meditationforpositivity#grouphealingmeditation #mindfullifeondemandcommunity


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Tracy Hart, Cranford, NJ

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