Thoughts on Yoga & Sound Healing live online classes
  • Tracy Hart

Thoughts on Yoga & Sound Healing live online classes

Question for yoga and movement teachers, students, studio owners, and everyone do you feel about online streaming of classes? I have a few concerns and I’m wondering your thoughts on any or all of these. Obviously we’re all trying to figure this out and things are evolving each day and we want to stay connected to our communities. Here are a few things I’m struggling with and I’m curious for your input in the comments.

1. Sound Healing streaming classes: This video is less than two minutes of me playing the singing bowls. Would you want to have a live streamed sound healing class? My concern is that if the audio equipment is not sufficient that students won’t get the full effect.

You’re already losing the vibrational aspect of the bowls, so I feel the audio needs to be good and right now I’m just using my iphone. Also, seems like it would be so tough to just have the camera on me for an hour while I play the bowls which has always been a super meditative experience for me. I also have some concerns about people being able to record these sessions which I talk about below.

Recording live streams: Many studios are using zoom to live stream and some teachers seem absolutely fine with it without question and other teachers have mentioned that they would be ok as long as it’s not recorded. If you google “record zoom without permission”, it seems that there are many ways to record a zoom live stream without permission. Anyone know about this?

Live streaming is vulnerable as it is, but the idea that people could record and use/post as they like is currently keeping me away from doing this until I learn more. There seems like there is very little control of your image, intellectual property in the class content, and the ability of people to reuse your class if they are able to somehow record it. Thoughts?

Yoga streaming classes: My first thought on this one is that it takes a very different skill to stay on your mat, do every movement in the practice, and verbally direct the movements to a virtual audience. When I teach a yoga class, so much of it is about interacting with my students.

We have a comfortable environment, share, banter, and I walk around and make sure people are safe and doing things that work for them. One of the most important aspects of my yoga classes is that I create a welcoming atmosphere where I take care of my students. Although I don’t usually touch students to make adjustments unless something might not be safe for a student, I often see something students are doing and say a number of verbal cues to see if students can make adjustments themselves. I want them to feel within their bodies and adjust as it works for them.

So, I walk around the room - what about the camera pointing at an empty yoga mat? I don’t do every exercise and for me, it would take practice, to teach a 75 minute yoga class from my mat, demonstrating every movement along with giving the verbal cues along the way for a virtual audience.

I have heard some teachers saying that if they are going to live stream, then they want to be able to see the students to teach to who is in front of them and to make sure they are doing things in a safe way. Again, I’m sure it’s my inexperience with this, but I just don’t feel comfortable teaching a class, demonstrating the movements, and watching x number of students on a small screen to see what I can do to keep them safe and guide them.

For me, these factors require practice and an understanding of how to multitask all of these things in a truly competent way. I know that the coronavirus has us all adapting in many great ways, but I still want to put out quality work, have a connection to my students, and make sure that everyone is safe and doing what works best for their bodies in a safe environment.

I know that some teachers are very proficient in teaching online, but I feel that right now, this week, I’m not sure about so many things that make live streaming classes for me too vulnerable. I want the content and experience to be right and to convey the quality of my teaching, I want to understand the liability of someone practicing live, and am very unsure about the idea that people may be able to easily record live streams and use them as they wish.

I just don’t want to jump into something without being skilled in these different skills of teaching and not knowing all the answers of how the technology works with being recorded and who owns the rights to that class to be reused.

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Tracy Hart, Cranford, NJ

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