The interplay of gratitude and pain
  • Tracy Hart

The interplay of gratitude and pain

This past Sunday I hosted the most powerful healing session of my life in the salt cave. A group of strong women allowed themselves to be vulnerable as we opened up to gratitude with the sound of the singing bowls.

One of the biggest takeaways that I had from the event and from hearing everyone’s story was that we all have pain and love and joy in our lives. Some of us are deep in a season of grief and pain some of us are seeing the light at the end of a dark time, and some of us are embracing love and light in new ways. And this process is always changing and evolving.

The message for me has become when I’m in the darker times, there will eventually be light and I have my tools of yoga and meditation and connecting to others to help me through it. Also, while I may be in a time of light and love, not everyone else is there and I try to remind myself to hold them in compassion even when it’s difficult to do so.

When my mom passed away 5 years ago I had lost a sense of joy and really questioned the value of life. It was a season of darkness for me and I held on to the light that my new puppy Kosar had given me and through some hard work and my yoga practice came into the light more and more.

When people tell me about their loss or pain I may not have experienced exactly that situation, but I can connect to the feeling and can hold space for them with kindness. I know that the ups and downs of my journeys allow me to broaden my perspective and enhance my compassion for others and I am grateful for these experiences.

While we talk about gratitude and love and sharing this time of the year, some are deep with loss and pain and this holiday reminder of thanks and giving can make that even more challenging. Be where you are and be as kind as you can to yourself whether you are in light or darkness. I encourage people to keep connecting to those things that we are grateful for, but sometimes it is truly hard to do so and I get that.

Missing my mom this Thanksgiving and I wish that I could talk with her one more time while she drinks her cup of tea. But also super grateful for all that she taught me in her life and perhaps even more so for what I learned from her passing. That idea is still super deep and complex to me - that there was a benefit for me from my mom’s passing seems terrible to say, but it is part of my journey. I know I have grown through this loss in so many ways so I can't ignore that fact. I’m sure more will unfold on this journey...

love and light,



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Tracy Hart, Cranford, NJ

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