The Full Moon’s Effect on Stress & Anxiety
  • Tracy Hart

The Full Moon’s Effect on Stress & Anxiety

The full moon can have a powerful effect on some people’s energy. What do you notice about your moods, sleep, and energy levels around the time of the full moon? This Friday, January 10th at the full moon reaches its peak and we may feel its effects all week as the energy grows.

I think that it all depends upon the person, but if you ask most teachers and parents they will probably tell you that things get a little more “interesting” around the time of the full moon.

Even the word lunatic gets its meaning from the effects of the moon. The Online Etymology Dictionary states that in the late 13c.,the word lunatic meant "affected with periodic insanity dependent on the changes of the moon.” And while there are some who say that scientifically there is little to no connection between people’s behavior and moods and the moon, others feel the effects deeply or have experienced it anecdotally through experiences with others.

The energy and pull of the full moon can amplify our current feelings and emotions. If we are feeling stressed and anxious (which I know that many of us are on a regular basis!) these feelings can be enhanced by the full moon’s energy.

With all that we have to do and a constant bombardment of technology and information, our nervous systems are often stuck in a flight/flight/freeze state with our sympathetic nervous system ON. We should be able to comfortably move from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous systems states, but man of us are stuck in this ON position and unable to turn it off.

Then the moon’s energy comes in and amplifies an already heightened state of stress and anxiety creating a feedback loop that keeps the sympathetic nervous system in fight/flight/freeze mode. So when the moon is reaching the fullness of its energy if we are sensitive to the energy of the moon, we need to put ourselves into a state where we can relax into the parasympathetic nervous system, our rest and digest state.

Taking time to slow down, especially around the full moon is so important. I know it can feel like there is literally no time to slow down and destress with all that is going on in our lives, but when we don’t we get worn down mentally and physically. If we leave our stressed energy running unchecked at the time of the full moon, then we open ourselves up to amplifying our anxious feelings.

Taking a few long deep breaths or sitting in meditation for just 3 minutes a day can help get you grounded and condition your sympathetic and parasympathetic systems to flow back and forth with more ease.

And stay tuned for my upcoming blog post on an amazing book that can help you create habits for becoming more mindful and less stress in really simple and clear ways that work!

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Tracy Hart, Cranford, NJ

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