How Sound Healing Helps My OCD
  • Tracy Hart

How Sound Healing Helps My OCD

I’ve Got A Monkey Mind

I’ve got a touch (or more!) of OCD and if I’m not consistent with my meditation and yoga practices, the constant mental chatter can get the best of me. I often tell my students that I’m the worst meditator! My mental chatter leans towards my unending to do list, conversations that I replay in my mind and analyze how they could go better, and on tougher days beating myself up about something that didn’t go as planned instead of seeing it as an opportunity for growth.

I don’t think that exposing my meditation struggles takes away from my teaching - I actually think it gives it credibility because people can relate. It’s hard for most of us to just sit and meditate without going crazy with our thoughts.

But my main message to students is that it’s ok for the mind to be busy - you’re doing it right because you’re noticing that your mind is busy and maybe once in a while with kindness you can guide it back to your breath, your body, or hopefully you’ve got some singing bowls around to focus on!

Singing Bowls Help You Let Go

I started to play the singing bowls because the first time I heard the bowls I was able to stop the constant mental chatter in my mind. I wasn’t exactly asleep, but I wasn’t completely conscious either. During those times of half sleep I was in a state of non-doing and non-thinking. And it was seriously the best thing that I had experienced. I wanted more of that and, of course, as an educator at heart, I wanted to share it with others too.

I have found that the crystal singing bowls can help to shake loose the energy that is less than helpful in our journey to reach our true selves. For me it’s about releasing the constant mental chatter, the comparisons, and the judgements (of myself and others).

We all have mental grooves just like a record has and our minds go into patterns that aren’t helpful. But when I can lift the needle out of these mental grooves, I can have space to focus on the things that are most important to me. I can be kind to myself and see that I don’t have to do everything perfectly the first time and that mistakes are truly opportunities to grow and pivot in my personal life and in my business.

Freeing Up Your Energy

When I work privately with clients or do group sound healing sessions, I educate students on their subtle energy, or chakras, and how the singing bowls and sound healing can release negative stories, shadows, and blocks in these energetic centers.

Your chakras are associated with physical, mental, and energetic aspects of your everyday experiences and when they’re blocked, your energy can’t flow freely. You can’t feel your best in your body, your mind might be frazzled or cloudy, and your energy might be stagnant leaving you feeling tired overall.

Experiencing a sound healing session can get your energy more aligned, balanced, and free flowing. When the energy is moving and you’ve let go of old stories, you are free to pursue your life’s true purpose. You are free to have some space in your mind to allow it to breathe and not be constantly running and judging. You are more creative and open to the flow of the positive things that life has in store for you.

If you are feeling like your energy is low from being drained mentally, physically, or emotionally, then see if sound healing could be something that could help you break free of blocks that are taking all of your energy.

A regular experience of sound healing can keep the mind, body, and energy in tune and aligned so you can manifest more of what you want in your life instead of battling old stories constantly playing on a subconscious level.

More About Sound Healing’s Healing Benefits

Find out more about sound healing by visiting my website and contact me at if you have any questions about how it could benefit you or if you would just like to share you experience with sound healing with me.


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Tracy Hart, Cranford, NJ

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