How I went with my own intuition about COVID-19 and cancelled March
  • Tracy Hart

How I went with my own intuition about COVID-19 and cancelled March

I hadn’t watched the news in three months until this week - that was probably the best decision ever! But with all the information and misinformation about COVID-19 I decided to see what the vibe was. I had the TV on for about thirty minutes and thought, nope, not going to do that again!

I have been going about my business teaching yoga classes, having private sound healing and reiki sessions, and holding some really beautiful group sound and meditation sessions. On Thursday, I sent out an email that all my events were still on and I was holding private sessions as usual. My attitude about COVID-19 had been that it was business as usual for me with taking and teaching classes and that the media was probably causing some over reactions. That is until I heard my husband listening to Mad Dog Sports Radio show Friday morning.

Now Mad Dog can get me feeling stressed just hearing him - he’s super intense about everything and is always screaming. Although I knew that my corporate yoga classes were shifting because employees were working from home and that many businesses decided to shut down along with schools, it didn’t hit me until Mad Dog was SCREAMING about how there’s no sports right now.

What I thought might be just media hype - and it might still be, I’m seriously not sure! - stopped me in my tracks. Professional sports shutdowns!?! I thought it would have to be the end of the world (cancel cancel!) for sports to shut down, so when I heard Mad Dog screaming about it I really got to thinking - should I still be teaching yoga in group settings and holding events right now if these other organizations are taking the limiting of group gatherings and social interactions so seriously?!

So, Friday morning, just a day after sending an email that everything is on in terms of events and classes, I had some time to think in the shower - this is legit a place where you let your mind wander and even when you’re stressed, it allows you to connect the dots in your thoughts. And I did what I teach my students to do in sound healing or meditation sessions - I stopped to truly listen AND TRUST MY INTUITION!

And what I heard was that I wasn’t comfortable right now with holding group classes or even intimate private sessions with sound healing and reiki that require proximity and touching for the experience of the singing bowls and energy work. Even yoga classes - I don’t know how this virus is really working and I don’t want to take a chance for myself or my students that limiting class size or wiping down blocks is truly safe right now. I truly didn’t know if it was safe for me or them and it just didn’t seem like the right energy to be teaching with such uncertainty.

There was just so much uncertainty in my mind that I decided to cancel my private sound and group meditation session that was scheduled for that night in the salt cave and ALL of my March events. I got subs for all of my yoga classes - studio and corporate - and now have a pretty empty March calendar. My empty calendar is a relief because now I don’t have to decide if it’s safe for me and my students to hold sessions, but it’s also terrifying.

I’m super bummed that I didn’t get to do my Friday night Meditation to Relieve Stress & Anxiety with Reiki in the salt cave - it would have been sooo needed for people who were looking forward to it and I also cancelled an amazing 4 hour mini sound healing retreat with Julia at Qwell Meditation & Wellness Studio that has been sold out since January. Beyond sad about that!

Also, there’s the fact that I will have NO income for the rest of March. And if that’s not concerning enough, I’m super worried about getting depressed without my usual social interactions and the joy that I get from teaching and sharing the healing practices that I do for a living.

But to balance those stressors out, as all things eventually balance out, I got a number of emails and messages from people grateful that I cancelled March events. They weren’t sure what to do either! Most really wanted to experience community and healing, but didn’t know if it was safe or worth the risk. So, I was able to help them by just postponing the events.

I’m already seriously missing my classes and will spend the rest of March planning new events and planning my teaching sessions so that when this virus concern is lifted I will have many beautiful things to share with all of you who will be craving community, rest, and healing.

Missing all of my regular students and the opportunities that come from my group sessions to meet new, awesome people!

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Everyone is handling this in such different ways #honoryourchoices so let me know in the comments what your thoughts are about attending classes, going to stores or restaurants, or if you are heading into work each day or working from home!

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