How are you an everyday hero?
  • Tracy Hart

How are you an everyday hero?

Super grateful for all of those on the front lines fighting this virus, supporting us being able to stay home, and inspiring us.  And gratitude to each and every one of us who are making contributions big and small for ourselves and our families during this uncertain time.  

I invite you to share how you are a hero today - it could be a big thing or a small thing.  I know, it’s weird to give yourself a pat on the back, but I know that oftentimes we don’t hesitate to give ourselves criticism or judgement.  That’s why we need to recognize how strong we are in whatever role we are playing today to support ourselves and others.  

Maybe you’re home schooling your kids or making breakfast, lunch, and dinner for everyone, or doing a home project, or doing nothing sometimes and honoring where you are, or maybe you’re home by yourself and finding ways of connecting within and reaching out virtually to others.  Whatever it is, it’s so important to recognize it.  

For me, the biggest strength that I have found in this crazy time is the courage to go live with my sound healing and meditation sessions.  No joke, I was terrified and when everything shut down, at first I told the studios and corporate locations where I worked that there was literally no way possible that I could teach online classes.  Just too terrifying!  

It took me just a few days to see that this was going to go on for a while and I needed to do something to move my business online.  I tried to think less about myself and how I looked on video and how scary going live was and I tried to think about my students. I figured they needed this stuff more now than ever.  

So, I tried to think less about it being about me and more about it being about other people.  And I’m so glad I did. I’m not saying I’m someone’s hero, but it makes me feel pretty amazing if someone takes my online meditation or sound healing and feels a little more relaxed and less anxious.  And, I’m definitely proud of myself for just going on video and learning all the tech and not letting my ego get to into it - I just try not to watch myself on the replay and that helps! :)  

Let me know what you’re proud of - big and small - send me an email  I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Tracy Hart, Cranford, NJ

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