Got Negative Energy? Get Singing Bowls
  • Tracy Hart

Got Negative Energy? Get Singing Bowls

What to do when you're surrounded by negative people and environments? Sound healing with singing bowls may be the answer.

Your energy reflects your environment. Why not let yourself be surrounded by singing bowls which vibrate pure balanced energy and let you release negative stories and shadows instead of being overwhelmed by negative energy around you? But how does it all work?

Entrainment is a tendency of energy to move towards harmony with energy around it. Since everything is energy - our bodies, thoughts, emotions, our surroundings, and others’ energy - we tend to come into entrainment with the things around us.

Just as two pendulums next to each other eventually swing at the same pace, our own energy vibrates in resonance with the energy around us. We’ve all felt this when we’re in a toxic workplace or relationship - our own energy becomes toxic and we feel that in our bodies and our thoughts.

Sound healing with singing bowls is energy and it also operates under this idea of energetic entrainment. Each singing bowl is attuned to the notes and harmony of a balanced and aligned chakra, so when our energy comes in contact with the sound waves of singing bowls, we begin to vibrate in resonance with the bowl.

Our chakras, or energy centers, can be excessive (too open) or deficient (too closed) and each time we experience sound healing we have the opportunity to bring those centers a little closer to alignment. When our own energy comes into resonance with the vibrational energy and sound waves of the singing bowls, we are vibrating at a high, positive frequency.

In my last blog post, I discuss how the sound of the singing bowls can clear out energy that is blocked. This is due to the tendency of entrainment - each experience with the bowls lets us lift the needle out of the grooves of the old stories that replay in our minds and bodies and opens our energy to vibrate more deeply with the pure energy of the singing bowls.

But a sound healing session isn’t just about a 1-2 hour experience of energetic alignment and that’s it. It’s an experience in itself and a practice for experiencing our energy in the world and becoming more aware of when we are in resonance with energy that is positive or negative for us.

So, a sound healing session is about two main things:

1. Bringing us into entertainment with the resonance of the singing bowls which are in alignment with our chakras.

2. Opening us to the experience of practicing awareness by listening to and feeling the sound and vibration of the singing bowls. This is practice for being in the moment and noticing our energy so that when we are in environments and with people whose energy is negative, our own energy doesn't start to come into entrainment with them. Instead we notice and learn to shift our energy.

The sound and vibrational energy of the singing bowls is a major tool for living this shifting of energy towards the positive.

Have you felt how your energy shifts based upon where you are and the people around you? Send me a message and let me know if you've felt these energy shifts or if you've experienced shifts from the singing bowls - email me at

For those of you in the NJ area, Saturday I have a powerful sound experience for you to be a part of at Qwell Meditation & Wellness Studio in Montclair. It is a combo workshop that I am doing with my friend, Kim. She will be playing the gong while I play the crystal singing bowls.

Both of these sound instruments are amazing for lifting energy that doesn’t serve you and freeing you up to come into entrainment with the vibrational energy of the bowls and the gong that are balancing and aligning. Find tickets and more info for this energy shifting event at

Check out this video of Kim and I at work. I'll be doing a guided meditation and deep relaxation with the crystal bowls during the workshop, but as Kim has the stage with the gong, I'm going around playing the himalayan bowl on each person's body (not for pregnant women or people with pacemakers.)


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Not intended as medical advice; consult your physician before any exercise or sound healing program/session.  Some events may use essential oils (various brands).  Please check with your doctor if essential oils are appropriate for you.  Some oils are not recommended for pregnant women or for some health conditions.

Tracy Hart, Cranford, NJ

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