Get Out of the Negative Groove: How Sound Healing Shakes Loose Old Stories from the Mind & Body
  • Tracy Hart

Get Out of the Negative Groove: How Sound Healing Shakes Loose Old Stories from the Mind & Body

Ask yourself the following three questions and if you answer yes to any of these questions, then read on to find out how experiencing the singing bowls could help you.

- Do you find yourself falling into the same patterns in your life even though you know you want a change?

- Do you beat yourself up about things or feel that incessant negative mental chatter as a constant background noise in your mind?

- Do you feel stress, tension, or restriction in your body that is chronic and tiring?

Discomfort in the mind and body can be from old stories, patterns, and ways of thinking that are just not helpful any more. These thoughts and old stories become like grooves in our mind. And like a stuck record, we can just play and replay these thoughts - sometimes without even knowing that they are what’s driving our emotions and draining our energy.

Luckily we have a practice like sound healing that can help to lift the needle out of the stuck groove in our minds. This opens and expands our awareness, prevents us from being reactive, and lets us be more purposeful so that we can explore more choices. And having choices leads to feeling less stressed.

Sound healing is a vibrational energy practice that allows both the mind and the body to shed old stories. The sound of the singing bowls can free the mind of its usual loops. This creates space and freedom. It creates a more open awareness in the moment of experiencing the sound and functions as a practice session for helping you to open your awareness in your everyday life.

The singing bowls are an experience that works with no effort on your part, lifting the needle out of persistent grooves of our minds, but also offers an opportunity for deep listening and going within. It is a mindful practice of awareness that you grow and apply in layers in your life.

Each experience with the bowls helps to open you to being curious, to listening, to awareness of the present moment. Our stress will decrease as we are able to spend more time being truly present in our bodies, with our thoughts, with our work, and with our loved ones.

Sound healing has truly saved my life - first as a receiver, and now as a practitioner, so I welcome any questions that you may have about this beautiful practice.

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Tracy Hart, Cranford, NJ

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