Can there be compassion on social media?
  • Tracy Hart

Can there be compassion on social media?

How do you handle things you don’t like on social media? What I mean by this is when you come across a post or content that, in your opinion, is not “correct” or to your taste or you just don’t agree, how do you handle it?

I ask this because I’m truly fascinated when I see someone go out of their way to make a comment about something that they don’t like or just isn’t for them.

Here’s an example from my business. I posted one of my free virtual crystal singing bowl sound healing events in a local facebook group. And someone hit with a laughy face and wrote, “This stuff is on par with religion, such a scam.”

Hmmmm…so my first thought with something like is a serious fascination as to why someone would go out of her way to even make a comment. I’m thinking that if I thought that about something someone was offering I literally couldn’t be bothered to interact with it. I just keep going with what I’m doing - the things I don’t agree with and don’t like, I just don’t care about - and I mean I don’t care in the best possible way.

Of course, if something is dangerous and some person or group could be harmed, then yeah, report it, but why do I see so many people going out of their way to criticize and judge others’ opinions and creations? I mentioned in a recent blog post and in my meditation last night about compassion that I’m seeing more and more of this.

I’m not even getting into why I think some people go out of their way to do this, again for the reason that I just don’t care - in the best possible way - that it doesn’t affect me personally and they’ve got their own stuff going on that causes them to take actions like that.

But I am going to share what I do when I come across something in social media that I don’t like - please feel free to add in the comments if you have any other constructive ideas for keeping it positive:

1. I keep scrolling. There’s so many beautiful offerings and content out there and sometimes I come across some that don’t resonate with me. It takes me about 3 seconds to see it doesn’t resonate with me, then I keep going on my virtual way without missing a beat.

2. I unfollow. If there’s a person that I’m friends with on facebook or other social media that posts a lot of things that don’t resonate with me, I just unfollow them. Then I see their posts and that’s it. They keep going on with their lives and so do I. Same is true for pages, groups, businesses, etc.

And that’s it; I save my time and energy online for creating what’s important to me and building up and supporting those friends and businesses that I believe in.

What do you guys think? Send me an email if this kind of negative online talk fascinates you too!

And if you want to try out my meditation for compassion, it’s here:


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