5 ways busy women can get the most out of virtual classes and courses
  • Tracy Hart

5 ways busy women can get the most out of virtual classes and courses

Now that many people are virtual with their services you might be overwhelmed with all the amazing things available on your phone or computer.  

I know that I sign up for free trainings, meditations, and other things that I want to learn about and never get to actually finding the time to do many of them.  They just sit there unread in my inbox making me feel guilty for not doing it. 

Can you relate??

I want to show you how to get the most out of online classes, courses, and training.  And don’t think that I don’t know how busy you already are - I do!  Some of you are homeschooling kids, working from home, taking care of parents or grandparents, cooking, cleaning, and aren’t there just a ton of dishes every day now!?  

So, these suggestions are taking into account how busy you are, the fact that you’[re probably too busy (hint, hint!), and that there might be a way to get the self-care you need and grow your learning in ways that make you feel less like you’re constantly running.  


1. You’re already busy and you need things that are going to make you feel better, be more productive, and less stressed, but don’t take a lot of time or energy.

A good online course or class needs to be accessible in bite sized chunks.  Look for something that has short sessions that you can fit into your busy life.  

I don’t know about you, but I get totally turned off when there is an online class or course where you have to sit there for an hour listening to content.  I like small bits of information that I can take right now and use.  Then come back for the next piece after I’ve integrated the info a bit and am ready to get the next bite sized tidbit.

Some sessions may be longer to feel and experience something like sound healing, a movement practice, or a deep relaxation, but it’s hard to take in lecture content for a long period of time.  

2.  There is so much out there that you need to stop saying yes to a wishlist of things that you just don’t have the time to focus on right now.

Start to unsubscribe to emails, subscriptions, and membership that you signed up for at one time and just don’t do it for you now.  It might be that the content just isn’t a priority to you, or you don’t connect with message, or among all the new things that you want to do and learn about, this isn’t on the top.  

You can always resubscribe, but having things in your inbox that you just take time to delete every week or if you’re like me, mark them us unread with the intention of going back and then later have to delete them.  These things take your time and attention away from the more important things in your life.

So next time you get an email you don’t connect with and have a super interest, hit the unsubscribe button.  

3.  Discover what deserves your time and energy - in other words, you’re so busy and interested in so many things that you need to spend your time on the things that will move the needle most in your life.  

Spend a little time journaling about what is the actual transformation that you want to achieve so that when offers, classes, and courses come into your life you can see if they match with this intention.

For example, if you need to spend your limited time getting calmer and less stress, let go of the power yoga class emails and say yes to a restorative yoga class.  And you don’t have to feel locked into what you need.  Right now, you might need stillness and slowing down and at another phase in your life, you’ll need the butt kicking power yoga or kickboxing class.

4.  Get rid of the guilt.

So many busy women that I know feel a sense of guilt for taking time to take a class or learn something new when they have so many other things and people to take care of.  

A mindset switch is needed here - when you make time for guilt-free self-care you can be more present and feel better when you’re doing your work and spending time with your friends and family.

5.  Create boundaries around your online learning - and communicate them with kindness.

When you sign up for an online class, let the people in your home know what you’re doing and when.  If you’re taking a 7 PM meditation class, let your spouse and kids know this is what I’m doing from 7-7:30 and find a space where you can go and do that.  It’s only 30 minutes - they should be able to entertain themselves for 30 minutes.  

And for those of you with more complicated, hectic home environments, you might need to find time early in the morning, or before bed, or in the bathroom to learn something new online or listen to a meditation, or do a breathing exercise.  Any time that you can carve out for yourself will benefit all of those in your life as you will get more grounded and feel better, so you’ll be better able to be present with your coworkers and loved ones.

Is your desired transformation less stress and anxiety?

Ok, so I just went on and on about how much is out there and I’m giving you one more thing!?

I almost feel bad promoting my resources because I know how overwhelmed people are with information and obligations, but when you take my 5 tips above, you should know that you should only connect with this information if it resonates with you and you can make some time and space in your life to practice it and get the transformation.

Here it is:  https://mindfullifeondemand.vipmembervault.com

This is my new hub for all freebies, classes, content, and courses.  And the first free course in there is “How to reduce stress and anxiety with singing bowl sound baths”.  

It’s totally free and super easy to sign up, but ask yourself these questions that relate to the 5 tips in this blog (save yourself time, energy, and guilt):

  • Am I interested in checking this out to get a transformation of reducing stress and anxiety through the use of singing bowls?  

  • You may have experienced sound healing or not and do you want to take a deeper dive into what it is and how it works to reduce stress and anxiety?

  • Can you carve out some time to actually create a transformation of reducing stress and anxiety with this course?   (Info / content sessions are pretty short, there are some 10-15 minute meditations, and then when you’ve got some time and space a 45 minute deep relaxation with the bowls).

  • And if it’s not for you now I get that too.  Shoot me an email and let me know what transformation would make the biggest impact in your life right now :  MindfulLifeOnDemand@gmail.com

Have a great, mindful day.


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Not intended as medical advice; consult your physician before any exercise or sound healing program/session.  

Tracy Hart, Cranford, NJ

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