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Relieve tension & pain with

Mindful RollingTM

What is Mindful Rolling?

Mindful Rolling is a gentle session that uses various types of balls and other fascial release tools to undo tension in the mind and body. You can improve your posture, release trigger points, and increase (and maintain) your range of motion.  This is all done in a slow, mindful way that is designed to allow you to relax and reduce stress. 

My Mindful Rolling
sessions incorporate the best of Bodymind Ballwork©, breathing exercises, and therapeutic and restorative yoga.  Private sessions address the individual's needs and goals by definition, but know that group sessions are also adjusted to adapt to the specific help that each individual needs on that day to feel better in his or her mind and body.


Anyone can do Mindful Rolling because it can be customized to what you need each time you attend a session.  Contact me for a free consultation if you want to learn more about this gentle method and how it can work for you.

Private Mindful Rolling Sessions

Available at M Pilates & Yoga studio in Garwood, the salt cave in Cranford, NJ, or at NJ home locations

Mindful Rolling Private Sessions at M Pilates & Yoga, Garwood

Mindful Rolling at Nature's Salt Cave, Cranford (Contact me)

Want a session in the comfort of your own home?  Contact me to schedule and for rates.

Group Mindful Rolling Classes


Contact me to schedule your own small group private Mindful Rolling™ session in your home or at M Pilates & Yoga in Garwood, NJ.  

Also, find me weekly teaching Mindful Rolling™ classes at Qwell Meditation & Wellness Studio in Montclair on Wednesdays from 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM.  (I've got sound healing right after that, so stay for both classes if you can!)

Upcoming Mindful Rolling™ workshops are at CardioYoga in Livingston on Friday, 2/7 at 7 PM and at Nature's Salt Cave in Cranford on 2/11 and 3/5 at 7 PM.  Come experience this self-massage myofascial release technique for yourself!  Sign up on the events page.

©2017 by Mindful Life on Demand LLC; all rights reserved.  Mindful Rolling™ is a Trademark name and cannot be used both others.  

Not intended as medical advice; consult your physician before any exercise or sound healing program/session.  

Tracy Hart, Cranford, NJ

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