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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do yoga, meditation, and sound healing sessions cost?

A: If you'd like to schedule a private session at M Pilates & Yoga, Garwood, please click here for rates and to schedule.  If you would like to discuss an in-home session, please contact me today.

Q:  What do I need for my yoga class or session?

A:  If you have yoga mat and props, then use them, otherwise I am happy to bring a mat, blocks, bolster, and blanket to your home to assist with your practice.  Just let me know what you need.

Q: What should I wear for a private yoga session?

A:  Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in, but that will stay put when you are in inversions such as down dog.  Bare feet or grippy yoga socks will help you keep your balance on your mat.

Q:  Can I follow up with you if I have questions about our session?

A:  Yes!  Please email or text me any questions about our private session or other yoga related questions.  I'm happy to guide you further in your practice until we meet again for our next scheduled session.  

In addition, I will be sending you a follow up email after our private session to summarize what we worked on in the session and give you some things to focus on in the upcoming week both on and off the mat to help to deepen your practice.

Q:  What if I have never done yoga?

A:  No problem.  I specialize in beginner yoga classes and look forward to the opportunity to teach you proper alignment and breath work as you grow into your practice.


For more information on my teaching philosophy see My Approach.  

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Not intended as medical advice; consult your physician before any exercise or sound healing program/session.  Some events may use essential oils (various brands).  Please check with your doctor if essential oils are appropriate for you.  Some oils are not recommended for pregnant women or for some health conditions.

Tracy Hart, Cranford, NJ

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