A Healthier Body & a Less Stressed Life

Feeling stressed?  Overwhelmed by everything you need to get done?  No time to take care of yourself?


Most people are feeling the effects of ever growing to-do lists and stress levels that are compounding day after day.  It's hard to take the time to take care of yourself when you have so many things that need to get done and people that need you.


That's why I started Mindful Life On Demand.  My name is Tracy Hart and I have created a business that makes it easy for you to take the time you need to take care of yourself.  My private sessions in yoga, (gentle and restorative), meditation, sound healing, and reiki services are exactly what you need to get on track to finding movement in your body that feels right for you and to start feeling less stress.


Get customized solutions for your mind, body, and spirit that work with your goals - and get support all along the way!  And it's convenient - I can come to your NJ location (email me), you can visit me at M Pilates & Yoga in Garwood, or we can work virtually.  

I specialize in energy work, gentle movement, and restorative practices that are for everyone.  Whether you need to slow down and balance out an active life or you are new to yoga or movement in general, you will be in good hands with my therapeutic offerings.

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Mindful Life On Demand


Mindful Life On Demand LLC is a New Jersey based company whose owner, Tracy Hart, is a certified art educator and a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor.  She teaches kundalini yoga, vinyasa yoga, and meditation in both studio and private settings. 

Mindful Life on Demand provides a variety of services that serve the common purpose of helping people create calmer, happier, and more productive lives.


These services include yoga, meditation, sound healing, art workshops, and programs for schools.  

Tracy believes that art is a type of meditation and that the creation of art is a mindful process that allows people to engage in creative ventures that may be missing from their busy lives.   Tracy brings beautiful art projects that anyone can do to your location.  Spend some creative time with your friends and family and walk away with a great piece of art that you have created.

Contact Tracy today to find out how she can bring one of her mindful services to your home, school, or office.  

Pathways to Mindfulness


Tracy uses a variety of modalities to help you along your path to mindfulness

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    Private sound healing sessions with Himalayan singing bowls allow you to lie back while bowls are placed around your body in alignment with your main chakras.  

    I play the bowls in ways that promote deep relaxation, cleanse and balance the chakras as (energy centers), and promote healing.  Bowls will also be played on the body to promote deep vibrational healing.  

    Sound healing with singing bowls can reduce stress and anxiety, promote healing, improve sleep, and get your energy centers in alignment so that you are prepared to manifest your intentions.

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    Mindful Rolling is a gentle session that uses various types of balls and other fascial release tools to undo tension in the mind and body. You can improve your posture, release trigger points, and increase (and maintain) your range of motion.  This is all done in a slow, mindful way that is designed to allow you to relax and reduce stress. 

    My Mindful Rolling sessions incorporate the best of Bodymind Ballwork©, breathing exercises, therapeutic and restorative yoga, and gentle strengthening techniques.  Private sessions address the individual's needs and goals by definition, but know that group sessions are also adjusted to adapt to the specific help that each individual needs on that day to feel better in his or her mind and body.

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    Yoga is about developing an awareness of how you are breathing, feeling, and thinking.  Although it takes some practice, everyone can start to notice what’s going on in the mind and body. 

    You don’t have to be “flexible” or “strong” or “fit” or “in shape” to do yoga.  You don’t have to be a certain age or have name brand yoga clothing.  You don’t have to know any yoga poses to start. My own practice and what I teach focuses on gentle, restorative, and therapeutic yoga.  This type of yoga benefits everyone regardless of physical conditioning or injuries.

    Therapeutic yoga has an amazing combination of practices that includes energy work, therapeutic yoga, gentle movement, therapeutic touch, and restorative yoga postures.  

    I specialize in bringing you private yoga sessions that are customized to work with your body, your experience, your concerns, and your interests.  You get what you need every time you step on your mat.

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    Think you can’t meditate because you’re too busy or too distracted?  Want the benefits of stress reduction that naturally come from this practice?

    Meditation is simply focusing your attention on something and developing an awareness of your body and your breath.  It’s about being in the present moment and when the mind moves away from whatever the focus is, just noticing that and gently guiding it back to the present moment.

    Anyone can practice meditation, but it can seem challenging or even impossible at first to sit still for even three minutes just watching the thoughts.  In private sessions with me I teach you a variety of meditation techniques to help you develop your practice and allow your mind to get the rest that it deserves.  


    Reiki is an energetic healing technique in which the practitioner places hands on or over the client’s body to send universal energy where it needs to go in the client.  


    Reiki can put your body and mind into a state of balance to promote healing. It works with your energy centers (chakras) to help to align your system so that you are functioning at your optimal level.  


    The idea is that the practitioner is not a “healer”, but a conduit for the healing universal energy to flow through to the client.  That energy knows where it needs to go and as a reiki practitioner, I only have to be open to allowing the most healing, positive energy to go where you need it the most.  And you only need to be open to receive the energy.


    Reiki sessions are one hour long.  I also offer reiki in combination with sound healing.  In my sound healing sessions I infuse the bowls with reiki healing energy and also offer reiki to the client in between playing the bowls on and around him or her.

Start your journey to become healthier and less stressed today.  Request a free phone consultation so that we can talk about the best type of sessions to help you reach your goals.  Call today 201-320-8728 or email to get the conversation started.

Why private sessions?​

There are many reasons that people want to go to studio yoga and sound healing sessions and I love teaching group sessions (and taking them).  But nothing beats private sessions for getting the most out of the time, money, and effort that you put into your practice.

Here are 5 reasons why private sessions may be the best thing for YOU! 

1.  Convenient and simple

Just dress comfortably, have enough space for a yoga mat, and open the front door at the time of your appointment.  Don’t worry about working your schedule around a studio’s classes.  I work with you to find the best time that you will be able to commit to your yoga and meditation practice – whether it’s early before you leave for work, midday, in the evening, or on weekends, I can help you find a time to commit to improving your health. 

2.  Private

It’s difficult to walk into a new yoga studio - whether you’re familiar with yoga or not.  You don't know what poses you'll do, what the pace will be, or whether the instructor will be able to accommodate your personal needs and goals.   


Although yoga is about removing any judgment of ourselves in our practice, this is made harder when we are surrounded by other students who have different bodies and movement practices – it’s hard not to compare ourselves to others and to criticize where we are. 


In your home, you have the privacy to try new poses, ask questions, and eliminate the judgments and comparisons.  

3.  Tailored to your body and your lifestyle

Every person’s body is different and our own bodies are different on different days.  You may have an injury or limitation, or want an invigorating practice, or maybe you had a tough day and just want a restorative practice with meditation, I will work with you to find the practice for you.  We will discover together where you are today and how you will get to your short and long term goals.  

4.  Support

It is hard to maintain an exercise program on your own with all the other things you have to do.  Regularly scheduled private yoga (meditation, sound) sessions put you on the path to committing to your own health and well-being.

I work with you to develop goals for each session and for maintaining your home practice in between sessions.  Each goal will be customized to you and will be something that will challenge you while being accessible.  Seeing your progress will help to keep you motivated to continue on your own - even if it's just for a few minutes a day.

5.  Follow up and Homework (stay on track!)

Expect to receive an email from Tracy within 24 hours of your private session.  This email will summarize what we did in the session, what you will be working on in the upcoming week, and any other suggestions related to your practice or your specific concerns and goals.

Find out more about the benefits of each type of private session by clicking the links below:

Have questions?  Your questions are unique to your particular lifestyle, schedule, and goals. 


Contact me today to set up your free phone consultation to get answers to your questions.  

Call 201-320-8728 or email me to get started.

Check out what students say about my sessions

Casey M.

I had been curious about yoga for a while now but had hesitations about how limiting my arthritis might be.  My experience with Tracy could not have been more positive. 


When I arrived for my first session we discussed my concerns and she asked questions about what my long term goals were.  My session was focused on creating an individualized program and teaching moves that I could apply to my every day and use in the morning to loosen my joints as well as build on in the future.


Tracy tailored everything around my needs.  She created a program to best fit my skill level and abilities.  She was focused on my form and in tune with how I was feeling throughout the hour.  While trying some poses I felt pressure in my knees and Tracy knew before I even had to say anything and found an alternative for me to try.  I left feeling the best I have felt in a long time- my lower back is so grateful I tried yoga. I will definitely be seeing Tracy again. 

Christine H.

I have never done yoga before and was actually scared to try because I didn't feel like I had great balance since I hurt my ankle.  I am so glad that I gave it a try with Tracy.  She encouraged me to keep my shoulders relaxed while doing the warrior stance and to be conscious on keeping them relaxed throughout the day.  I never realized how tense I was.  Tracy demonstrated stretches and poses that worked for me.  I could actually feel an openness in my back.  I have never been to any class where the teacher asked me questions and guided me to do moves that I could do.  I was so relaxed afterwards. My back and body felt looser and I felt relaxed for the first time in a long time.  I really enjoyed doing yoga and can't wait for my next session with Tracy.

Cathy F. 

I’ve taken lessons from Tracy for over a year and she is always expanding my awareness of yoga and meditation and the energy they give me.   Her sessions are a wonderful balance of a relaxed class with an intentional focus.   


She gives clear instructions and demonstration of the exercise, pose or mantra with suggested adjustments as needed. Besides concise instructing, Tracy knows just when to encourage me during the more challenging moments of the lesson.

Tracy provides a warm, inviting atmosphere to learn and expand my skills as well as creating an experience of genuine peace that stays with me long after the session is over.

Want to hear more testimonials about my sound healing, yoga, and meditation classes and events?  Click here!

Everyday I see stressed people who are looking for natural ways to improve the quality of their lives.


So, whether you want to spend more time being present with their kids, feel better about your body, or reduce anxiety, I've got a customized program to help you naturally achieve your goals.  

Ready to improve your health, be less stressed, and develop a consistent exercise and self-care program that is simple and convenient?

  • Private yoga sessions are personalized and convenient.

  • Work at your own pace with a caring and responsive instructor who listens to your needs and adapts her teachings to your body.

  • Prioritize you and your health. With all of your responsibilities and demands, you need to take care of yourself and a yoga and meditation program that you can do in your own home with a certified instructor is the most effective and efficient way of meeting your wellness needs.

Ready to start gently moving, developing your awareness, and feeling better?  Click here to schedule your first discounted private session. 

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©2017 by Mindful Life on Demand LLC; all rights reserved.  Mindful Rolling™ is a Trademark name and cannot be used both others.  

Not intended as medical advice; consult your physician before any exercise or sound healing program/session.  

Tracy Hart, Cranford, NJ

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